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Update on our kids

Chris (27), Phil's son, is living in Lawrenceberg, Kentucky.   Chris and his wife Tammy have two children, Noelle (4) and Tevis (2).  Chris is in the home building business and Has just moved into his first house that he built!  Way to go Chris!  He is now starting on a second house that is on the property that he will sell.

Sonya (26), Phil's daughter, lives with her man Bill in Nicholasville, and just recently landed a new job with the government working in the bankruptcy department.  She and Bill live in an older 4 bedroom home that she is really enjoying fixing up.

Jason (23), Jill's son, lives in Oklahoma with a room mate.  He was engaged to be married, but due to irreconcilable differences they decided to part ways.  I'm sure in time he will find the right woman for him, there is no rush Jason...take your time.   He attends school, works for UPS in the evenings and a law firm during the day when he isn't at school.

Niki (20), Jill's daughter, moved out of the house about 12 months ago and lives in a real cute 2 bedroom house 3 miles or so up the road.  I'm so glad she moved back from Tampa, that was too far away!   She has Alex, a Jack Russell terrier too!  She works at Jesters (a sports bar) as a bartender and takes care of Alex in her spare time, a full time job she tells me!  I told her to just wait until she has kids!

Gabe (15), ours, is attending a boarding school this semester and maybe for the year.  He is just plain lazy....we are hoping that this will motivate him to get back on track with his grades.  He says that he realizes that it is important to have an education.  Let's hope he means it.  He was excited about being selected as the fresh prince for the homecoming court last year.

Annie (4), ours, is a bundle of joy & energy, she goes to pre-k at a local daycare and enjoys doing what most 4 year olds do!  She started ice-skating and gymnastics and loves it!   She had to take a slight reprieve when she broke her arm this summer, but she has now been cleared to start again....look out Tara Lipinsky!  You can check out her website with lot's of pics right here:  http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Cottage/1595/


Mvc-017f.jpg (49300 bytes) Here is the latest addition the our family, Isabella (Bella).   She is a 7 month old Jack Russell Terror (Oops, I meant Terrier).  We just bread her with Alex, Niki's JRT last week!!  So Due day is October 15th!!  Of course we will update this with pics etc....  She is a great dog, very patient with Mandy who likes to rough house with her.  I must say, I'll be glad when she grows out of chewing my shoes....she must have some sort of fetish.  Of course, it was all my favorite ones........



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