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We'd like to take a minute and tell you a little about us.  Phil was born in Rice Station (a suburb of Irvine) a small little town in Kentucky not too far from Lexington ( home of the KENTUCKY WILDCATS ).  He moved to the big city of Lexington when he was about 5 years old and lived there until he joined the Air Force in 1974.  He was married with two kids when we met, you will meet them on the next page. 

He was stationed in Germany which was his first encounter with an overseas posting.  He will tell you that he loved his three and a half years over there, enjoying the local way of life in a small town called Kalkar.  He actually was stationed at a German Kaserne meaning base.  This is where I came into his life, perhaps that is why he has such fond memories of Germany, Ha-ha! 

I was born in Sutton, England and left for Saudi Arabia when I was just a Dad was a banker with City Bank and took the hard ship posting in hopes of becoming a bank worked, he moved his way up in the company and we moved right along with him, living in New York for about a year during my 6th grade year and then back to the middle east, to Beirut Lebanon.  We lived there for two years until the 1967 war and were then evacuated to Athens, Greece.  What a great place to be in high school!  Spring break was spent basking on the beaches on the Greek islands!  I met my first husband in Athens and left there in 1973 for Oklahoma where my oldest son was born.  You'll meet him too on the next page.

Phil and I met in Germany and have been married since Feb 1980.  We have two children living at home now...and have been here in St. Petersburg FL for 10 years after leaving the cold winters of Kentucky where we lived for 8 years.  Phil works for the Post Office in downtown St. Pete delivering the mail on a bicycle!  One of only a few places that the mailmen still ride bikes. 

I work for Continental Airlines at the Tampa International Airport as a sales agent (official title)  It involves either working at the ticket counter mostly checking passengers in for their flts, or boarding them at the gates.  So, if you happen to fly into Tampa, come by and say Hi!!  Phil and I also started building and hosting web sites, so if you are in need of a website or need a place to park yours, let us know.   We find it very interesting and creative.   We love to travel and manage to get away sometimes....we usually go to England during the summer and also to Lexington to see the families.  And if Phil and I are lucky, we try and sneak away for a weekend together every now and then!

We love living in FL....the weather is great especially during the winter, we forget that the rest of the country is battling with snow and ice and cold temperatures!   We live on the bay side of St. Petersburg in a neighborhood called Shore's a great family place, lot's of kids for the younger ones to play with.   The only thing that we face is bad flooding whenever we have any kind of strong storms...because we live literally surrounded by water, when the tide is high and with the combination of lot's of rain the neighborhood tends to flood.  But our house has only flooded once, 700 houses flooded during that storm!

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